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BEDLAM and USHER are available in their current and back issue catalogues at a price of 3.00 per comic each. BEDLAM has published SIX issues, consecutively numbered, and USHER has published FOUR issues. VALKYRIES has published TWO issues and there is also a special edition of THE SAGA OF THE VICTIMS which is a softback graphic novel/collection priced separately at 9.99. New editions will be announced via this website on the COMING ATTRACTIONS page, including the dates of mailing availability. See what's in our pipeline...


Coming Attractions!


Please add 1.00 per comic for the costs of mailing (2.50 for each edition of SAGA OF THE VICTIMS), up to a maximum of 10.00 for bulk orders. For Overseas orders, this charge is 2.50 per comic up to a maximum of 25.00.

Please send cheques or money orders in UK Pounds Sterling for comics to:

John Gallagher

Chimera Arts

13 Foliage Crescent




United Kingdom